Start a Business
Using Your Pickup or Van

(Last updated: August 17, 2010)

This is the jumping off point for ways to start a business that use your pickup truck or van, but need only ordinary skills. This page also provides links to useful information from other parts of this website.

Here are the topics:

Business ideas for pickup truck or van
Help you start a business


Before using any of these business ideas be sure to read the following notice: Disclaimer

Business ideas for pickup truck or van

Following are the business ideas currently available:

Clearing Out Basements and Garages -- Help people get rid of all the junk taking up valuable space.

Doing Seasonal Jobs -- Ideas for services at different times of the year.

Hauling Trash -- Help people get rid of eyesores on their property.

Washing Windows -- This could be a repeat business, especially for storefronts.

Working as a Slave for a Day -- Make money tackling all those tasks that people don't want to do themselves.

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Help you start a business

I believe you need personal power to help with your business startup. The more difficult or risky the enterprise, the more personal power is needed. Personal power refers to ambition, courage, energy, self-confidence, take-charge attitude, and the like.

The usual way of gaining personal power is by a long process of trial and error that results in ever-higher levels of achievement.

A quicker and easier way to increase your personal power is by reprogramming your mind. However, this change in your attitude must then be backed up by actual achievements. To minimize the trial and error required, it is helpful to have instructions and advice from experienced people.

You can find instructions and advice in many areas of interest by reviewing the Table of Contents for this website.

You can improve your results from these money making ideas by developing your personal empowerment. My low-cost ebook, Magic Success Secrets, contains the needed methods. You can read information about my ebook on this page.

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