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Doing Emergency Handyman Services

(Last updated: January 13, 2015)

This is the jumping off point for ways to start a business providing emergency handyman services. These services are best suited for people who enjoy working with their hands and have a pickup truck or van. You should also have handyman skills and equipment.

See if you can find an idea that suits your abilities, interests, needs, and resources. This page also has other information to help with starting your service business.

Here are the topics:

Emergency handyman services
Information to help your business
Starting a business in hard times


Before using any of these business ideas be sure to read the following notice: Disclaimer

Emergency handyman services

Following are the business ideas currently available:

Fixing Damaged Doors -- Use your handyman skills and equipment to repair or replace damaged doors and doorjambs, and replace damaged locks.

Fixing Roof Leaks -- Use your handyman skills and equipment to replace damaged or missing 3-tab asphalt shingles, repair damaged roof decks, and repair or replace damaged or missing flashing.

Freeing Stuck Double Hung Windows -- Use your handyman skills and equipment to free double hung window sashes stuck in their wooden frames.

Installing Anti-Burglar Devices -- Use your handyman skills and equipment to install anti-burglar devices to help protect homes from thieves.

Providing Anti-Burglar Services -- This page contains links to various types of anti-burglar services.

Replacing Broken Window Glass -- Use your handyman skills and equipment to remove and replace broken window glass in wood sashes.

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Information to help your business

If you don't have any experience in planning, starting, or running a business, you may wish to review the following background information before trying to develop your own small business:

Small Business Basics
Small Business Startup

The following pages are especially recommended:

Business Plan for Simple Services
Simplified Startup Steps
Vital Guidelines for Novices

To learn how to empower your business activities, go to the following page:

Improving your results.

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Starting a business in hard times

One way to have more money is to start a small business of your choice. This puts you in control of your life. Once you learn some tricks and get some experience, you will never have to worry about being unemployed.

One of the best ways to choose a business idea is to turn one of your pleasures or skills into a business.

Regardless of the economy, there are always ways for ambitious people to have more money. Some ways might require changes. I mean things like changing your attitudes, trying new activities, or even improving your life style.

When you get used to things being a certain way, it may be difficult to make changes. However, change is what modern life is all about. For help with making changes in your life see the Magic Success Secrets section.

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