Select Small Business Ideas
Based on Timing of Activities

(Last updated: April 8, 2010)

Use this page to select small business ideas based on timing needs of the money making activities.

In some cases a particular task is urgently needed. Thus it may be requested even in bad weather.

Here are the categories for timing needs of activities:

Needs are year round
Needs are seasonal
Needs are urgent

Other pages in this section use different criteria to select small business ideas.


Before using this information to start a business be sure to read the following notice: Disclaimer

Needs are year round

Money making activities that can be carried on at all times of the year are normally located indoors. However, in many tropical areas almost all activities can be carried on year round.

Following are the small business ideas available for this category:

Advising Small Business Startups
Being a Telephone Companion
Cleaning Homes and Apartments
Clearing Out Basements and Garages
Hauling Trash
Helping People Reduce Their Debts
Installing Anti-Burglar Devices
Installing Insulation
Installing Storage Organizers
Preparing Business Plans
Providing Telephone Services
Washing Windows
Working as a Slave for a Day

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Needs are seasonal*

Areas subject to cold winters normally do not allow outdoor activities except on a seasonal basis. Some activities are difficult or impossible in cold weather. Other activities can only be carried on in cold and/or snowy weather.

*However, many tropical areas do not suffer from adverse seasonal weather.

Following are the small business ideas available for this category:

Building Concrete Doorsteps
Building Concrete Sidewalks
Doing Seasonal Jobs

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Needs are urgent

Some activities may be urgently needed, even in bad weather. If you decide to perform these urgent tasks, you may suffer discomfort and/or need special equipment or facilities.

Following are the small business ideas available for this category:

Fixing Damaged Doors
Fixing Roof Leaks
Freeing Stuck Double Hung Windows
Replacing Broken Window Glass

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