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Save on Clothing Expenses

(Date posted: October 22, 2009)

This page shows how to save money by reducing your clothing expenses. Clothing expenses can be significant for many people. By reducing these expenses, you can have more money for other things.

These suggestions are offered for your consideration. Perhaps they can guide you to a better life style. But the final choices are up to you.

Here are the topics:

Buying clothes
Children's clothes
Discarding clothes
Repairing clothes
Selecting clothes

In order to reduce clothing expenses you may have to do some planning and change some of your habits and preferences. Whether the money you can save is worth the effort is up to you.


Before using this information to reduce your living expenses be sure to read the following notice: Disclaimer.

Buying clothes

If you don't mind buying clothes ahead of time, you can get a bargain by buying them at the end of the season when stores have their closeout sales.

Another inexpensive way to buy clothes is to shop at consignment stores, discount stores, factory outlet centers, thrift shops, and yard sales.

Don't purchase clothes just because they are a bargain. Purchase the clothes that you or your family want to wear.

Purchase clothes that do not require dry-cleaning. (The label normally provides the cleaning instructions.)

From time to time stores will place slow-moving items in a clearance bin or hang them on a clearance rack. See if any of these items will meet your needs.

Designer labels have prestige. But do you want prestige, or good quality at a reasonable price?

Try shopping at online discount stores. Here are some websites to inspect:

  Bluefly "The ultimate hook-up for the fashion obsessed"
  ClassicCloseouts "Prices so low we're practically giving it away"
  Express "What's new for her for him" "Apparel wholesale shopping mall"
  HautLook "Exclusive, limited-time sale events"
  Hot Couture "Junior clothing from Hot Couture"
  ModaXpress "Discount trendy juniors clothing" "What would you like to save on today?"
  The Children's Wear Outlet "Quality children's clothing and school uniforms"

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Children's clothes

Children grow out of clothes very rapidly. Thus their clothes usually don't get worn out, just outgrown.

Ask your coworkers, family, and friends if they have any children's clothes they don't need anymore.

Shop at yard sales for inexpensive children's clothes. (Yard sales often feature outgrown children's clothes.)

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Discarding clothes

Let's say you no longer want to wear quality clothes that are in good condition. Instead of just giving them away, put them with a consignment shop. Then you may be able to make some money from them.

When clothes are no longer suitable for public display, perhaps you still can use them for "around the house" attire or as work clothes.

When clothes have minor rips or are missing buttons, perhaps they can be easily repaired. See the following topic.

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Repairing clothes

You usually can repair holes or tears in clothes with an iron-on patch. For instructions see How to Iron on a Patch.

Replacing missing buttons with needle and thread can be easy. For instructions see On the Mend.

If all else fails, a clothes cleaner or neighborhood seamstress may be able to do the needed repairs at a reasonable price.

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Selecting clothes

Select individual garments that can be used with other garments to make several coordinated outfits.

Select clothes in classic styles that will be fashionable for years to come. In other words, try to avoid buying the passing fads (except perhaps for a few inexpensive "fun" pieces).

Use window shopping as a way to get ideas. Then you can plan on what clothes you want to purchase. (However, it's usually best to avoid spur of the moment purchases.)

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