3. Accomplishing the Money Idea
Reduce Living Expenses

(Date posted: March 4, 2014)

This section shows how to save money by reducing your living expenses in various categories. It's very easy to get used to a certain life style. It might seem like a burden to make changes. The trick is to find other things that give you pleasure. Then you won't be so apt to miss your previous life style.

Remember what Ben Franklin always said, "A penny saved is a penny earned."

Following are various types of living expenses that you can reduce and thereby save money. The more ideas you put to use, the more money you "earn."

Save on Auto and Travel Expenses -- Use car-pooling. Sell that gas hog and get a fuel-efficient car. Sell the car and use the bus. Visit discount travel websites.

Save on Clothing Expenses -- Buy clothes at online discount stores. Select classic styles that will stay in fashion for years. Try to avoid clothes that need to be dry-cleaned.

Save on Drug and Medical Expenses -- Use low-cost sources of drugs and medical treatments. Exercise more. Lose weight. Get back in shape and you won't need so many prescription pills.

Save on Education Expenses -- Stay home and use distance learning to get your college degree. Get a grant or scholarship. Take a correspondence course in a useful trade.

Save on Entertainment Expenses -- Stay home and play cards. Have a picnic in the back yard. Rent a video.

Save on Food and Grocery Expenses -- Use recipes for tasty low-cost meals. Learn to enjoy soup and sandwich meals.

Save on Home and Utility Expenses -- Take in roommates or boarders. Sell your home and start renting instead. Save money on heating and cooling.

Save on Miscellaneous Expenses -- Reduce your financial expenses. Lower your income taxes. Save on life insurance.

Use a Budget to Lower Expenses -- Know where your money goes. Decide where to cut expenses. Control your future expenses. Then you will have more money for those things that provide long lasting or exceptional benefits.

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