1. Choosing a Money Idea
Online Money Ideas

Date posted: May 31, 2017

This page provides an overview of several ideas for making money online. These ideas are suited for a home based business. Later I may create a separate, more detailed, web page for each one of these ideas.

These ideas require that you have a home computer with broadband access to the Internet. You may also need a laser printer.

List of topics:
Affiliate marketing
Article writing
Freelance services
Kindle books
Website design

IMPORTANT Before using any of the following ideas to try making money be sure to read the following notice: Disclaimer

Affiliate marketing

There are various developers and promoters who create or manage digital products, such as e-books, study courses, and visual training aids. These digital products can be downloaded over the Internet to the buyers. These sellers promote their products and handle the required selling and customer support activities. Many of these sellers are willing to pay other people, known as affiliates, to send traffic to their product’s sales page.

The affiliates do not have the difficult task of creating, selling, and supporting these products of the sellers. Their only task is to send targeted traffic to the product’s sales page. Whenever the people sent by an affiliate buy a product, the affiliate earns a commission on the sale. These commissions might range from 25% to 75% (or more) of the sales price.

If you want to be an affiliate of one of these sellers, you would go to an affiliate organizer, such as ClickBank, and sign up with a suitable product.

You will receive a link to the product’s sales page along with an identifying code. This code is used by the affiliate organizer to credit you with the agreed-upon sales commission. Then you would begin to send targeted traffic to the product’s sales page. To generate this targeted traffic you could purchase advertisements, promote to your social media following, promote to your email list, or promote to the readers of your popular blog or website. The people you send to this product’s sales page should be interested in this type of product. This is what is meant by targeted traffic.

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Article writing

I have made some money from article writing myself. This activity is best suited to someone who can research and write articles rapidly. Besides providing useful content, these articles should comply with standard grammar and spelling rules. Either you can work through an agency that provides the writing opportunities, or you can search for individual writing jobs yourself.

You probably will have to submit a sample article to a writing agency to determine what level of work you are qualified to perform. Most assignments pay you on a per word basis. The better qualified writers receive a higher per word rate. Clients have to approve your writing work before they pay for it. The agency will take a commission from the writing proceeds and pay you the balance. You probably have to accumulate a minimum unpaid amount before you can collect your fees from time to time.

The people who purchase these articles have blogs or websites that need fresh, useful content about particular subjects. In some cases, the owner of the blog or website may even want you to write articles for them on a long-term basis. You should check with the agency’s rules before you try to make private deals with any clients they provide.

There are any numbers of online offerings for writers. I would be very careful in order to avoid any scams. A scam would be when they want you to pay them money up front just to become registered. I don’t think any responsible agency would require this.

The last writing agency I worked for was TextBroker. In fact, I need to do more writing for them to collect my unpaid fees.

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Freelance services

Many online sites can provide various assignments for freelancers. A freelancer is just a person who does assignments for a variety of people instead of working for a steady employer. Some freelance assignments can be performed online. Other assignments have to be performed in person at a certain location.

You could enter a term like “freelancer opportunities” in a search engine and be overwhelmed with all kinds of possibilities. If you want to narrow the scope of your search, you can add some additional terms. If you want writing work, then search for “freelancer opportunities for writers” for example. If you are willing to perform the work in person then you might want to enter the location where you live. You might want to search for “freelancer opportunities in New York City” for example.

I have worked for Elance and Guru myself. (Elance is now known as Upwork.)

There are many more sites available for freelance assignments. Different types of assignments command different kinds of fees. If you are highly skilled in a specialty in great demand then you can command high fees for your work. However, some of us ordinary people have to be content with the low fees available on places like Fiverr.

You still might do all right if you could work fast or provide a service that some simple computer program could crank out.

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Kindle books

Among the many products sold by Amazon are a special kind of digital book known as a Kindle book. These books are intended for various types of computer applications, or electronic readers that are sold by Amazon. These digital books are becoming even more popular than printed books because they are much easier to manage using a computer or electronic reader.

One of the best features of Kindle books is that you do not need to go through a traditional book publisher or brick and mortar bookstores to offer your book for sale. You can create your book using a word processor program on your computer. You or someone else then should edit and format the manuscript for submission to Amazon.

You will also need an appropriate cover design for the book. You can have a freelancer perform this task.

After the manuscript has been approved and converted to a Kindle book, it will be available for sale on Amazon. You then should promote the book to generate sales. Amazon will take a small percentage for its services and pay the rest to you as royalties.

Your royalty payments from Amazon are delayed somewhat. First, the unpaid royalties must reach a $100 payment threshold. Then you will be paid about 60 days following the end of the calendar month in which the royalties were earned.

Before you enter this type of online activity, you probably should review the types of books that are popular on Amazon.

Then you can decide if you want to write any books of a similar nature. You also need to be able to promote your books if you want to make any substantial amount of money from them.

When you are ready to try this business, you need to sign up with Amazon and read their requirements for authoring and selling Kindle books.

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Website design

You can easily design professional looking blogs and websites using WordPress. You don’t need to be a computer programmer or techie. You just need to study the freely available information about working with WordPress.

WordPress provides a basic platform for blogs and websites, along with themes and plug-ins. Themes are beautiful graphics that can be used to customize a website or blog. Plug-ins are software routines that perform various specialized functions. Some of the themes and plug-ins are available free from WordPress. Other themes and plug-ins, that usually are more complex, can be purchased from outside suppliers.

WordPress.com provides free hosting, security, and backups. You can even upgrade to a custom domain name of your own. You must register for an account with WordPress.com and abide by their terms of service. I used WordPress.com to create my own blog. The only drawback with this version of WordPress is that they may sometimes place advertisements on your site. If this would be a problem for the site owner, then you want to go with the following version.

WordPress.org supplies free software that provides a basic platform, along with some themes and plug-ins. You must provide your own hosting, security, and backups. No registration with WordPress.org is required. Many hosting providers offer a one-click installation of this software. This version of WordPress allows professional programmers or other techies to fine tune their site.

In order to get clients for your website design services, you can either use the freelancer sites discussed above or try to get your own clients. For example, you might be able to promote your services to your followers on social media. This could be easy if you have a large group of followers on LinkedIn.

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