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Money Magic 1-2-3

(Last updated: May 31, 2017)

This key page of my website provides an overview of the Money Magic 1-2-3 concept. I believe this program can help you make or save money. Then you may not have to find a regular job during these hard times.

The personal empowerment aspects of this program are designed to let you accomplish goals or tasks that otherwise might be difficult or even impossible.

Here are the topics:

Introduction to the program
Part 1: Choose a suitable money idea
Part 2: Develop any needed personal powers
Part 3: Accomplish the money idea
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Introduction to the program

This Money Magic 1-2-3 program combines three types of information that become very powerful when used together.

The money portion of this program refers to various ideas for making or saving money. Every person has a different set of abilities, needs, preferences, and resources. By having a wide range of money ideas, you are more likely to find those ideas that suit you.

The magic portion refers to enhancing your personal beliefs and powers by instilling empowering beliefs into your subconscious mind. For most people, the resulting transformation appears to be a magical feat. This transformation will help you overcome common obstacles preventing you from taking action on your money idea.

The 1-2-3 portion refers to the three parts that comprise this powerful program. It is the combination of these three parts of the Money Magic concept that produces its fantastic power. Here are the three parts of this program:

     Part 1: Choose a suitable money idea
     Part 2: Develop any needed personal powers
     Part 3: Accomplish the money idea

So, is this program guaranteed to result in success? No, it is up to you to be responsible for your own success or failure in life. This program merely makes everything much easier to accomplish.

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Part 1: Choose a suitable money idea

During this part, you select a great idea for making or saving money. This website has many great ideas.

For this information, go to the following sources:

Ideas by Category selection page
Income Articles index page
Income Products page
My Kindle Books page
Online Money Ideas page

What's that? You want some more money ideas? Okay, here are a few more ideas:

Free Ebooks - Page 1 -- Use the "Business and money making ebooks" topic on this page 1.
My Other Articles -- Use the two "Make money..." topics on this index page.

When choosing a money idea, you should consider your abilities, needs and desires, personal preferences, and resources. Your first money idea should suit you and be easy to accomplish. After you gain experience, you may want to try for a more complicated idea that could bring you more money.

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Part 2: Develop any needed personal powers

During this part of the program, you develop those personal empowerment traits needed to overcome common barriers to taking action on your great idea.

The procedures for gaining these traits are shown in chapters 6 through 12 of my Magic Success Secrets ebook.

Go to the Where to get the ebook topic on another page to review and purchase this low-cost Kindle book.

One of the biggest problems with making or saving money is insufficient personal empowerment. Let's say you get a great idea for making money. So you start putting the idea into action. However, something eventually happens to block your progress. After trying to fix things to no avail, you finally give up on your idea.

This is a common problem with doing any new or difficult task. You may run into problems that you can't solve. That's why it can be difficult to make extra money or start a small business.

The solution is to develop whatever personal empowerment traits are needed to overcome common roadblocks to starting and/or completing your money making goal.

For example, you may need to overcome your fear of going into a new activity. You may need to develop a take-charge attitude. You may need the ability to call up a burst of energy on demand.

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Part 3: Accomplish the money idea

During this part, you perform those constructive actions needed to accomplish a particular money idea.

It is easier to complete a goal or task if you can follow a certain set of procedures.

The actions common to accomplishing most money ideas are shown in chapters 13 through 20 of my companion ebook.

The specific actions needed to accomplish a particular money idea described on this website usually are shown with or linked from the money idea itself.

As you follow these instructions and perform the various actions, you will be developing the skills and experiences that can help you achieve your money goals.

This third part completes the Money Magic 1-2-3 program. Now you have the secret to a new method of having more money. Good luck in your future.

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