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(Last updated: March 4, 2014)

This page is an index to income articles written by outside authors. These articles present the views of their respective authors, as identified for each article. They do not necessarily reflect the views of this website and its owner (Charles Moorehead). Use this information at your own risk.

Helping your results -- The link below provides a personal empowerment source meant to help you accomplish new and/or difficult projects.

How to empower yourself

Using these articles -- I do not endorse any particular income article. These articles are meant for your education in possible ways to try earning extra money, or try starting a part-time or full-time home business. I believe the more ideas you know about, the greater your chances of choosing a suitable idea for your income venture.

Advantages of a home business:

5 Reasons to Start Your Own Work at Home Internet Business
Enhancing Your Finances and Your Life With A Home Business
Working From Home Jobs - Never Worry About Losing Your Job Again!

Guidelines for a home business:

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[New] Tips On Maximizing An Online Home Business
Home Business Advice That Everyone Should Listen To
Home Business Tips - Working For A Living
Home Cash Flow Solutions - How to Tell a Genuine Opportunity
How to Market Your Home Based Business?
The Cautious Entrepreneur
What Do You Do When You Hit a Wall in Your Home Based Business?

Ideas for a home business:

[New] Creating A Home Based Typing Business And Earning Money
How Do People Make Money From Home?
How to Find Jobs Based at Home
Start a Home Business Building Superior Quality Cat Trees

Starting a home business:

[New] Do You Want To Know The Truth About Working From Home
[New] Three Things Everyone Should Know If They Want to Start a Home Business
Dreams and Home Businesses
How To Make Money On Autopilot Online
Working From Home Basics

How to empower yourself

I believe that you need personal empowerment to have success in any type of income venture. The more difficult or risky the venture, the more personal power is needed. Personal power refers to ambition, courage, drive, self-confidence, take-charge attitude, and the like.

The usual way of gaining personal power is by a long process of trial and error that results in ever-higher levels of achievement.

A quicker and easier way to increase your personal power is by reprogramming your mind. However, this change in your attitude must then be backed up by actual achievements. To minimize the trial and error required, it is helpful to have instructions and advice from experienced people.

You can find instructions and advice from the income articles listed at the top of this index page.

I believe you can help your results from these articles by enhancing and applying your personal empowerment. My ebook, Magic Success Secrets, contains many guidelines, insights, and methods that can help empower you. Go to this topic on another page to get this free ebook.

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