Working From Home Basics
(Date posted: June 26, 2011)

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If you intend to work from home, I will assume you have done your research and tested the market for your product or service. However before the money starts trickling or rolling in, there are a few basic steps you should take to ensure you make the most of your transition from paid employee to entrepreneur.

Basic Home Working Tips

  1. Create a workspace: You cannot work with your laptop on your lap watching TV. You need to create a workspace where you intend to conduct your business. This could be your dining table or a little corner with a desk, a computer and a shelf for your stationery and other business needs.
  2. Develop a Daily Schedule: Working from home is not to fulfill your dream of irregular showers or saving on clothes by staying in your pyjamas all day. You should stick to a routine as if you are going to work outside your home. Wake up at the same time each day to complete your morning tasks. Be selfish with your time if you want to make success of your working at home business.
  3. Cut down on the Calls: Now that your family and friends know you work from home, it is a good excuse for them to call for a chat. Keep personal calls to a minimum, if you love to chat then ask them to call after work.
  4. Lunch time: Working from home can lead to bad eating habits. The fridge and cupboards are just a few steps away with ample choice of what you can eat. Have a specific lunch time and walk away from your desk to enjoy your lunch. Keep snacks to a minimum, buy the right lunch time food and if possible prepare it beforehand.
  5. Household Chores: This might be tough to overlook but household chores are going to be there every day. Do not use your work hours as time for chores, you can switch on the washing machine or dishwasher or straighten your bed. But when it comes to sorting the laundry or vacuuming the floor, leave that until after work.
  6. Recognise Tiredness: Staring at the computer for hours without anyone else to talk to can take its toll on the brain. When you feel tired or can't concentrate take a 5-10 minutes break from work. You can use the time to get some fresh air, power nap or listen to the news. Keep an eye on your time, use an alarm if necessary.
  7. Get Out: Working from home can affect the most reserved of people. Once the euphoria of being your own boss wears off, you might start pinning for your work colleagues again. Find a local networking group where you can share similar ideas and break the monotony of your work routine. You can also set aside some time to have lunch with a friend maybe once a month.
  8. Self Control: Your desire to make a success of your business venture can obscure your commitments. Make sure you make time for family and friends, do not allow work hours to roll into everything else. Exercise discipline, have set working hours and stick to it. If you have a deadline that can't be shifted to another time, explain this to your family first. Do not take the people who love you for granted because you want to make a success of yourself.
  9. Vary your Workload: It can get rather boring doing the same thing every day. Varying your work schedule can make the work more interesting. Depending on what you do, you can break your tasks down into e.g. marketing, product development, customer relations etc. That way apart from your everyday tasks, there will be a variety of things to stifle boredom.
  10. Have Fun: Working from home is not a death sentence, it can work for some and can't for others. If after a while you feel you can't cope with the isolation - dust your CV and get back on the market. However it could be a rewarding experience but you have to love it to enjoy it.

More people are choosing to work from home doing what they love especially for a good work/life balance. There are millions of people all over the world who are earning their daily income from a home business. Before you decide on taking this journey make sure you discuss this with your family and keep financial reserves in place. By observing the tips above with a lot of determination and tenacity, you can make a success of your home business.

Starting out in business or developing a new concept can be a daunting experience. Temi Koleowo, a business consultant at has a passion to help people develop viable business concepts. She specialises in business ideas research and development, business plans and marketing strategies.

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