What Do You Do When You Hit a
Wall in Your Home Based Business?

(Date posted: May 3, 2012)

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Taking any sort of action and being extreme about it is the best possible thing to do when you hit a wall in your marketing efforts. I have found that, when ever I'm wasting time on Facebook or anything else, taking any sort of business building action will bust me out of the funk that I may be in.

When marketing your home based business, you want to take daily inspired action. If you are just motivated, then that's ok but you could be doing the wrong things and being motivated will just make you do them faster. You want to be consistent at whatever marketing you committed yourself to. You also want to not be emotionally addicted to the outcome.

Emotional addiction to any outcome is dangerous. I have heard it said that "the one who has the most power in negotiation or relationships, is the person that cares the least!" I believe that this directly relates to marketing your home business. If you are constantly checking your email for new leads or constantly logging into your back office, then you are emotionally connected and setting yourself up for failure.

I used to have such an emotional addiction that I would print out a bunch of self made flyers and then not pass them out. I was afraid that they wouldn't be read and I didn't want to waste them! That doesn't make any sense because 97% of your marketing efforts will go unread or unnoticed!

Odds are that this very article may get viewed only a handful of times! Keeping these things in mind will either motivate you to break through that wall or paralyze you into inactivity. In your home based business, any activity is better than none! However you choose to market your business, you must be consistent and persistent.

If you write articles, then write them everyday. Writing one article doesn't mean you are an article marketer. You need to write hundreds, if not thousands, for you to get the desired effect. I'm just choosing this particular form of marketing, but the same concept applies to all forms.

If you hit a wall, just force yourself to work for 5 more minutes and you will find that you will get through that emotional dead zone and get some red hot motivation to work on your home based business. Any massive business building actions, such as marketing, will bring your dream that much closer to reality. Stay focused and tenacious and you will find that you will always be inspired to take that massive action your business needs!

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