How to Market
Your Home Based Business?

(Date posted: May 3, 2012)

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Everywhere you look on the internet, there are different marketing courses and products for you to buy to learn how to market a home based business. I, personally, feel that those things are not needed for your business in order for you to be successful. The basic core idea is to pick two or three methods of marketing and to continuously do it. That's all that is separating you from success!

Of the different methods of marketing, there are some which may require a little bit of mastery. Copy writing is a skill that can be learned for example. You can consider picking up a course on copy writing but you do not need to get a course in order to "use" it. You can have the best copy writing skills in the world, but if no one sees your website it doesn't make that much difference.

I've heard it said that "a good plan violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan executed later!" In the same way, just start taking action and marketing your business now will give you the initial momentum needed to get going. You can learn the smaller details and the ins and outs along the way.

Article Marketing

Start writing articles about your business! The articles don't have to be perfect. Some of my initial articles I've written are far from perfect. Some articles I write even now are rejected and full of mistakes! The idea is to get valuable content out there and lots of it. The more quality articles you have out there equals the more back links and people getting exposed to you. The more people getting exposed to you equals the more people who want to do business with you and so on!

Video Marketing

Video sharing sites are another great way to get content out there on the internet. Most people would rather just view a video than to actually read a 400 word article! Videos are a great way to get good content out there while providing back links to your website.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great places to connect with like minded people and to share business and marketing ideas. It's important not to just spam your link all over the place but to actually work at building relationships. At the end of the day, home based businesses revolve around relationship building. Work on connecting with people via social media sites and then share your content!


Above all else, stay persistent! It's simply a numbers game. You talk to and connect with enough people and eventually you will become successful. The trick is to keep on keeping on! Keep on writing, filming (even from a cell phone if you have to), and using social media and you will get there in time!

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