2. Gaining New Personal Powers
Improving Your Results

(Last updated: March 4, 2016)

This page provides methods of improving your results when tackling a difficult goal or project. The primary method is to increase your personal power. The more difficult or risky the project, the more personal power is needed. Personal power refers to ambition, courage, energy, self-confidence, take-charge attitude, and the like.

The usual way of gaining personal power is by a long process of trial and error that results in ever-higher levels of achievement. To minimize the trial and error required, it is helpful to have instructions and advice from experienced people.

You can get these instructions and advice from the items under the following headings in the left-hand menu:
3. Accomplishing the Money Idea
Background Information

A quicker and easier way to increase personal power is by reprogramming your mind. However, this change in your attitude and beliefs then must be backed up by appropriate actions.

You can use the procedures in my Magic Success Secrets ebook to increase your personal powers.

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