2. Gaining New Personal Powers
Improving Your Life

(Last updated: December 18, 2017)

Are you ready to start improving your life? This page reviews the needed steps. These methods can help you to a better life.

Topics on this page:
Do you deserve a better life?
Changing your beliefs
What do you want from life?
Adapting to changing circumstances
Choosing your goals
Follow the above steps in sequence. When you are ready to start working on your first goal, you may want to review the Improving Your Results page.

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Do you deserve a better life?

It can be difficult at first to consider improving your life. The first obstacle you may have to overcome is a belief that you don't deserve a better life.

This limiting belief may have resulted from the repeated warnings you received during childhood or early adulthood. You may have been told not to stray outside your current lifestyle or social status. These warnings were meant to protect you from failures and possible dangers. But now these limiting beliefs may be keeping you from improving your life.

If you don't feel entitled to have a better life, you can change this attitude. You do this by implanting a contrary empowering belief.

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Changing your beliefs

You can use an affirmation to change your beliefs. This is a statement that claims you already possess the desired attitude or belief. Thus, don't say, "I want to have a better life" or "I wish I had a better life."

Instead use an affirmation that says, "I deserve to have a better life." Or even better, you can use an affirmation that begins, "I am..." Then you would follow with whatever attitude or belief you desire. Thus you might want to say, "I am forceful in pursuing my goals."

Here is how you can use affirmations to gain new and empowering beliefs.

First, you need to write down a statement showing that you already have a particular attitude or belief. This might be an attitude or belief you need to accomplish your current goal.

During each session of using an affirmation, you should repeat the statement aloud at least five times. Say the statement in a positive, forceful manner. Let yourself feel the joy and power of possessing your new attitude or belief as you say the words.

Perform these affirmation sessions two or three times a day for several weeks.

You also need to act out your new attitude or belief after you have started expressing it in an affirmation. Thus if you claim to be forceful in pursuing your goals, you must start acting in a forceful manner. This action helps to lock the new belief into your subconscious mind.

Continue these action steps until your subconscious mind accepts the stated attitude or belief as your new reality. You should begin to notice the influence of your new attitude or belief after a few weeks of doing these steps.

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What do you want from life?

Now that you are ready to improve your life, you get to decide what you really want from life. Maybe you want to use your natural talents. Perhaps you want to satisfy your true desires.

If you don't know your natural talents, you can review your favorite activities. What hobbies, sports, or tasks around home or office do you enjoy the most?

If you don't know your true desires, you can review the emotional high points in your life. What activities or achievements gave you the biggest thrill or most satisfaction?

Then again, you may just want to start making more money. You may be able to combine your desires and talents in some type of money making venture.

Now the future is yours to choose and enjoy. Go to it.

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Adapting to changing circumstances

In order to improve your life, you may have to adapt to changes in the economy.

Your new personal powers can help you make these changes. You can increase your ambition, energy level, and self-confidence. You can reduce your fears of the unknown to a reasonable level.

Most people become scared when circumstances change in a dramatic fashion. This is human nature. However, if you can calm yourself and examine what has happened, you may be able to profit from these changes.

Here is the key concept...

People need certain basic things regardless of the circumstances. These are things like food and water, clothes, shelter, safety, belonging to a social group, employment, and so on. The way that these requirements can be provided may have to change with the circumstances. Let's say you can determine how one or more of these needs can be provided in the changed circumstances. Then using this insight, you might be able to start your own small business providing these needs.

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Choosing your goals

If you have used the above concepts to start improving your life, you should have accomplished the following:

(1) You believe that you deserve a better life.

(2) You know how to increase your personal powers.

(3) You know what you want from life.

(4) You are ready to adapt to any changing circumstances.

In this step, you choose the goals that will start improving your life. You probably want to discuss these goals with your family.

I recommend that your first few goals should increase your personal powers. Then you can start attaining your desired lifestyle.

Start with easy goals. As you increase your abilities, resources, and self-confidence, you can try for goals that are more difficult. Eventually, you may be able to achieve your dreams.

For help with your goals, you can listen to my story about achieving goals after retiring from a disappointing career. Go to the Jumpstart Your Life page on another website.

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