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(Last updated: June 12, 2017)

NOTE: Beginning on February 26, 2016 and ending on March 13, 2016 this site underwent a major restructuring to make it easier for visitors to find what they want. The navigation menu, this page, and the headings of all main pages have been changed to reflect the new format. (Whoops, I have some more work to do on internal links to relocated pages. One more week should do it.)

This site map lists all public pages in this website, as arranged by menu topics, sections, and pages.

You can use the links below to jump to a specific portion of this site map. (On the other hand, you could just browse to your heart's content.)

Key pages
1. Choosing a Money Idea
2. Gaining New Personal Powers
3. Accomplishing the Money Idea
Background Information
Other Information
Standard pages

This website currently contains over 150 pages, not including pages referenced on other websites. More pages are being added from time to time to provide new information for my wonderful visitors.

You can use the Contact form to suggest other categories you would like to read.

Key pages

These three key pages provide the introductory pages and the exit to this website.

Money Magic 1-2-3

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1. Choosing a Money Idea

This menu topic provides various money ideas so you can choose an idea that suits you.

Ideas by Category (Main page)

Income Articles (Index page)

    Advantages of a home business:

    Guidelines for a home business:

Ideas for a home business:

    Starting a home business:

Income Products (Money making products from outside sources)

My Kindle Books (Books on various money making opportunities)

Online Money Ideas

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2. Gaining New Personal Powers

This menu topic discusses ways to increase your personal powers and achieve your goals in life. My low-cost Magic Success Secrets Kindle book is a companion to this website. It is available from the Kindle store.

Beginning of Success

Improving Your Life

Improving Your Results

Jumpstart Your Life

Magic Success Secrets (Main page)

My Revelations

Your Two Minds

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3. Accomplishing the Money Idea

This menu topic provides the detailed action steps that can help you achieve your money idea.

Earn Extra Cash (Main page)

Reduce Living Expenses (Main page)

Start a Service Business (Main page)

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Background Information

These pages provide you with background information to help you learn how to start and run a small business.

Business Guidelines

Outside Information and Publications

Small Business Basics (Main page)

Small Business Startup (Main page)

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Other Information

These pages provide you with other information to help you use this website and become a success with the Money Magic program.

Bartering Tips

Blog Access

Download Instructions

Free Ebooks:

Free Newsletter (Ended)

My Other Articles

My Videos on YouTube

Tips for Hard Times

Words of Wisdom

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Standard pages

These standard pages provide the types of information that most websites have.

About the Author
Affiliate Notice
Contact This Website
Disclaimer of Liability
Fair Use Policy
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
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