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(Last updated: Dec 21, 2014)

Congratulations. You have entered a realm of money magic. This realm provides the information that can help you achieve your money making goals.

Money –- This website provides many ways for you to have more money. You can download free money making ebooks. You can buy products about business ideas using the Internet. You can learn ways to earn extra cash. You can save money by reducing your living expenses.

You can read various articles about ways to earn money. These include income articles written by outside authors and my other articles stored on outside websites.

You can review various ideas for a small business that provides a service. These ideas include the procedures for performing the services and the steps needed to start the business. If desired, you can learn essential business information to help you run your small business.

Magic –- This website and its accompanying ebook show how to empower yourself so you can accomplish your money making goals. You do not have to spend years of drudgery to increase your personal powers. This ebook shows magical methods that can empower you directly and quickly.

You can benefit from the author’s discoveries of how to use your subconscious mind to increase your abilities, solve problems, and perform feats such as summoning bursts of energy on demand. The insights and methods he learned are explained in detail in the accompanying ebook.

1-2-3 -- The complete money magic concept consists of three parts. Each part takes you closer to success. See the detailed Money Magic 1-2-3 program on another page.

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Your new future
My sources of information
Can this website help you to a better life?
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Your new future

A new dawn may be approaching for you. You can use the information from this website and its accompanying ebook to empower your life. This insightful ebook is described on the Magic Success Secrets page.

You can improve your life at whatever rate you desire. You may only want to make small changes at first. Later, you may try for larger improvements. You may choose to start your own small business, for example. As you increase your abilities, resources, and self-confidence, you may be able to start living the life of your dreams.

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My sources of information

Most of the business information used in this website was derived from my experiences while building and remodeling homes (in my younger years), interviewing small business owners (while working as a CPA), maintaining rental properties, and engaging in various money making ventures.

My personal empowerment insights came to me (later in life) from two sources. First, I discovered by accident how to use the creative powers of my subconscious mind. Later, I received a series of magical revelations from the universe.

These revelations showed me how to use empowering beliefs to turn my life around. I was then able to complete this website, formulate the Money Magic concept, and publish my Magic Success Secrets ebook.

These accomplishments are an example of how training your subconscious mind and using empowering beliefs can help you to a better life.

Now I am passing on this vital information. This is my gift to the seekers of a better life, my wonderful visitors.

Give me your feedback, please -- I would appreciate any comments you have about this website. This includes things you like or don't like about this site. You also may have questions about the Money Magic concept and some of the other information provided.

To enter your comments, go to Contact This Website.

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Can this website help you to a better life?

You now have access to information that can empower you to achieve your money making goals. However, it is up to you to put this information to use. First you should use the personal empowerment insights to gain any useful attitudes and remove any roadblocks to taking action. Then you should take whatever constructive actions are needed to achieve your goals. The accompanying ebook describes these constructive actions.

You may need to accumulate the experience and develop the skills required for your money making goals. You can do this by trying new activities and learning from trial and error. Then you can use your new capabilities to achieve your goals. You have done this all through childhood and early adulthood.

Can you use this information to improve your life? I think anyone who is willing to try something new and put in the needed time and effort can do it.

Take myself as an example. By the time I retired, I had lost most of my ambition, energy, and self-confidence. I was in sad shape. However, after receiving and validating my magical revelations, I was able to use these insights to turn my life around.

After resuming work on this website, I developed the Money Magic concept. I achieved this by combining my business experiences and my magical revelations. Then I was able to complete the initial version of this website.

Later, I split off the self-empowerment portion of the website and expanded it into my Magic Success Secrets ebook. These were the first two goals for my retirement.

If you want to make a donation to help me spread the good news on how to have a better life, please use the button below.

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Table of Contents

The following entries provide overviews of the main pages of this website. You can review all of this website's pages in the Site Map.

Money Magic 1-2-3
This page describes the Money Magic 1-2-3 concept that can help empower you to make or save money.
This exit page allows you to perform two final actions before leaving this website.
Business Basics: Information for Your Business Venture
This Business Basics section provides the information and insights you need to understand how a successful business operates. It also helps you decide whether to try starting your own small business.
Have More Money: Ways to Earn or Save Money
This section shows you how to have more money by starting a small business, earning extra cash, and reducing living expenses.
Income Articles Written by Outside Authors
This page is an index to income articles that might help you make money. These free articles were written by outside authors.
Magic Success Secrets: Information About My Ebook
Use this section to learn how my Magic Success Secrets ebook can help empower you to a better life.
Select Money Making Ideas That Suit You
Use this section to select money making ideas that suit your abilities, needs, preferences, or resources.
Small Business Startup
This section describes the three stages in a small business startup: selecting a suitable business idea, preparing the groundwork, and setting up and starting your business.
Blog Access
This page takes you to my blog on another website.
Download Instructions
Instructions for viewing and downloading PDF files.
Free Ebooks: Download All You Want
Gives you access to numerous free ebooks in the PDF format. The subjects include making money, dating and relationship, physical fitness and activities, and other useful information.
Free Newsletter Has Been Ended
Free newsletter has been ended to allow more time to improve and promote this website and its accompanying ebook.
Improving Your Life
This page reviews the steps needed for improving your life.
Improving Your Results
Provides methods of improving your results when tackling a difficult goal or project.
Income Products From Outside Merchants or Marketers
This page presents income products from outside vendors that may help you make or save money.
My Kindle Books
Use this page to access my Author's Page on another website.
My Other Articles Stored on Outside Websites
This page has links to my other articles and information stored on outside websites.
My Revelations
My revelations from the universe that revealed the true nature of life and reality.
My Videos on YouTube
This page has links to my videos on YouTube.
Products on Amazon
This page displays various Amazon products than can help you run your small business.
About the Author
Personal background of author of this website.
Affiliate Notice
This page describes the affiliate relationship of the owner of this website (Charles Moorehead) to products listed on this website.
Contact This Website
Use this form to send your comments or questions to this website.
Disclaimer of Liability
Disclaims all liability for use of this website's contents.
Fair Use Policy
Describes the fair use of this website's copyrighted contents.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
List of answers to frequently asked questions.
Definitions of special terms.
Index to Glossary
Use this index to rapidly find all terms in the glossary.
Privacy Policy
This page explains the privacy policy of this website.
Site Map
Lists the pages in this website arranged by categories.
What's New
Shows the most recent additions and major revisions to this website.